Perfect for Parties, Great as Gifts

Perfect for Parties, Great as Gifts
Looking to hire me for a party or special event? email me at !

Order a Caricature!

Caricatures from your photos for $19.99 per person. Perfect for Christmas, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Birthdays, and GAG GIFTS for the boss or coworker who's leaving (or even worse, being promoted). All of my caricatures are FUN. I strive hard not to be INSULTING - unless that's what you want! Then, I'll have a FIELD DAY!  I also do parties and special events.

To Order, just email me at with a good clear photo of your subject. Indicate which of the following you are interested in:

black and white caricature (face only):                     $19.99 per person

Color Caricature (face only):                                    $25.99 per person

Black and white face with body of choice                $25.99 per person 
                                                            (photo not available)

FULL COLOR face with body of choice                 $29.99 per person

ALL caricatures come with a preview on email, a background, and a money-back guarantee.

I also do portraits for $99.00 and up, depending on what medium you want.

email me for details at