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Perfect for Parties, Great as Gifts
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A few recent live sketches... and one corny cartoon :)

I worked a gig last month at a greek-themed party.
They made me wear a toga.
It was cold.
It was see-through.
And I was wearing black underwear.

Needless to say, this was not one of my favorite gigs.

(Note to Agents: If you make the talent dress up
like trained monkeys, we will despise you.)

From the "toga party" I had to work a few weeks ago.
At least there were a lot of cool people
to draw.

From the "toga party"

the Victim
A waiter I drew at Macaroni Grill. The
Captions were hilarious at the time.
Now I cant read them or remember what they said.


this is one of my faves. I started using a 3/4 view to help me improve. Check out my blog to see more tips on how to get better. This ONE THING improved my work TREMENDOUSLY. Hard to draw "canned" when you don't have a formula!

A drawing I did of my husband Buddy.
It looks just like him.
I think he hates it.

My husband actually YELLED at me for this drawing,
evi\dently because I made myself
"too goofy."

Pong, my co-worker

Sean Garner, who worked at out stand this summer.
I liked the drawing. He "forgot" it :(

Following are a few sketches I did over the Spring and Summer as I was tryign to learn to exaggerate more.

These (above) are so old I don't remember when I did them, I just happened to have a few pics. Nice to see how far I've come.

Jersey Shore.

I hate these people.

                        AN D... the promised corny cartoon :)   You may need to enlarge...

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