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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Working on getting better: Part 2

A few years ago I went through a spurt of doing everything within my power to get better. I know a lot of people recommend that you do exercises every single day, and I have small kids so I dont normally do that. But this summer and into the fall, I started up with the learning curve again. I set my sights on drawing one good piece a week. And I did a lot of other stuff you can check out at

So here are a few of the pieces: hope you "like!"

Brad Pitt. Captions read:  "Brad Pitt: Millionaire Playboy by day.... Millionaire Playboy by Night", and in speech bubble "I may be useless, but at least I'm PURDY!"

Did I mention that I loathe Brad Pitt?

I did this as a study to emulate Ben Burgraff's style and see how he did certain things, like the glasses. Ben was my friend and coworker and he passed away this summer. Yes, I know it's not REALLY a caricature. But you know what? If it was OK for Ben, it's OK for me. Ben had a bigger following of the PUBLIC than any artist I've ever seen (not just other artists). Seriously, He was a Rock Star. There's a reason they have both the ACADEMY awards AND The People's choice Awards. Both kinds of art have their place.

Jodi Foster. Captions read: "President Obama is in the audience... No sign of John Hinkley, Jr.... Robert DeNiro's on location in Europe... THE COAST IS CLEAR.   ..... I hope."  Then, across the bottom, "Perils of the Rich and Famous."

This was done as a challenge online on face book, a group called "Wittyography, the caricature community." Each week the winner of the previous weeks challenge picks a new challenge. As usual, I missed the deadline.

But I did have fun.

I was trying my hand at making her look Zombie-like.

I was thinking about this poor woman and what she's been through in her life. I mean, a guy SHOT THE PRESIDENT because of her! Still, she's done pretty good for herself. I actually really like her, so I hope if she ever sees this she knows I was doing it for a challenge, not just to mess her up. I think she'd be the kind of gal I'd like as a friend. No-nonsense. I like that.

If you don't know who this is (above) I'm shooting myself.

I'd never tried to draw him before so I challenged myself. Every drawing I'd ever seen of him exaggerated the hair. I thought I'd go for the nose. And try to catch that expression.

This was for another challenge online. And of course.... I missed the deadline.

Anyway, this is Hugo Weaving. He's the guy who played Mr. Smith in The Matrix, and the elf king Elrond in Lord of the Rings. Interestingly, he also was the voice of V in V for Vendetta.

When I first read the challenge, all I could think of was when he played a drag queen in Priscilla the Queen of the Desert. Fabulous little movie. And I DO mean, FABULOUS!!!

I was pretty pleased with how this turned out. My best friend Ami Hardig, a portrait artist and badass five-foot Jodi Foster look-alike from Detroit, said she wants to hang this in her house. I'm glad, cuz I know my husband ain't havin' it.

A very young Marilyn. I inherited a book of Marilyn photos, many of which I'd never seen (and I'm a HUGE fan), so I did a LOT of Marilyn's over the summer. I won't bore you with all of them. This was the best.  Again, a portrait, not a caricature. And :P if you don't like it.

I also was trying to switch it up any way I could, I used charcoal and charcoal pencil here.

Bogie, Iteration 2

(The first iteration made him look 20 lbs heavier.)

I was trying to do this like a graphic novel, with only three shades: black, white and a medium grey tone. This was done exclusively with Art Stix.

This is Biggie (I think. I don't much care for rap. To give you an idea of how much the opposite my taste in music is, my all-time favorite musicians are Van Morisson, Frank Sinatra and Enya.)

Anyway this was the last one in the series of trying to get better. I think it worked. Check out my other blog at for more tips on how to improve your art!

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